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What is Vacuum Insulated Glass?

Vacuum Insulated Glass is a new form of Insulating Glazing technology applied to traditional glass panels. While still adopting the traditional two-pane structure that double-paned glass utilizes, instead of an air-filled space between the glass panes, a vacuum chamber is created instead. Heat and sound transfer across this vacuum is dramatically reduced, allowing for greatly increased acoustic isolation and superior heat insulation. This vacuum space dramatically increases the performance of glass while minimizing on thickness.


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Vacuum Insulated Glass is the glass of the future. Able to provide heat insulation better than other traditional glass, and on par with thicker more traditional insulation materials. Vacuum Insulated glass is the seamless transition for the next generation of window and building tech. As well as leading the charge in being energy-efficient and helping the world transition towards more green and sustainable energy. All while being indistinguishable from a double-paned window.


Who we are?

C2A Longterm, Inc serves as the North American distributor for the Vacuum Insulation products of VIG (Xiamen) Technology Co. (Ltd.) which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujian Supertech Advanced Material Co. (Ltd).  Founded in October of 2007, Fujian Supertech Advanced Material Co. (Ltd) is an A-share listed enterprise (SC:688398) that specializes in the manufacturing and applications of vacuum insulation materials. For the past 15 years, Fujian Supertech has been researching and manufacturing Vacuum Insulated Panels primarily for use in refrigeration. Supertech has been a supplier to brand names worldwide, such as: Whirlpool, Haier, Midea, BSH, LG, Samsung, Toshiba home appliances.


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Our glass is manufactured without the need of an extraction port, thus reducing points-of-failure, leakage, and increasing the structural integrity of the glass, all while maintaining a sleek and simple look and form factor. Our glass is also equipped with a proprietary alloy used as a getter that helps absorb small quantities of air leaking over time, helping ensure and extend the effective life span of our product.  Our glass also doesn’t require any extra transport, storage, or installation needs as compared to traditional double paned glass, allowing for a wider range of applicable fields: Construction, Home Appliances, Agricultural Development, Transportation, among others.



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